LongEz for sale, completed through chapter 18 of 24. Main wings, electronics and engine need installation:

The aircraft was being built to start a non profit 501(C)(3) organization called Aerial Conservancy to assist in anti poaching efforts in Africa. See: https://www.facebook.com/aerialconservancy

Politics and corruption in Africa have made it impossible to pursue our Aerial Conservancy goals so we are selling the aircraft to fund a new non profit called Clean Oceans. see http://dreamgreen.org/clean-oceans

The Long-Ez design as it is an exceptional aircraft, designed by Burt Rutan. It holds over 100 world records. This includes an endurance record of officially 4800 miles non stop and also an altitude record maintaining 35 027 feet with a normally aspirated engine. 

It carries 52 gallons in standard tanks which provides about 2000 mile range and is capable of speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour!  For more info see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutan_Long-EZ

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Long Ez Serial #1106 with original Rutan Aircraft Factory documentation signed by Sally Melville in 1981.


FOR SALE BY BUILDER LongEz Serial #1106 Built by A&P mechanic and machinist. All Canard Pusher updates included, drawings, plans, construction logs, invoices, photos and extensive information to complete.

Task Strake kit

Subaru 2.5 L 165 hp aircraft conversion with Ross PSRU and matched prop, has 400 hrs on it pushing a Cozy IV sold separately.

A typical aircraft kit will cost over $20 000 without engine or so much constructed.


CANOPY AND ROLL OVER: http://dreamgreen.org/plane/191-canopy-and-rollover

Extended nose, titanium pitot tube, nose light, nose is already filled and sanded as is underside of aircraft. All aircraft components have been weighed during construction and are within tolerances.

All aluminum parts were alodined to spec.

Electric nose gear with Wright circuit board and switches, powder coated to match steel roll over and rudder pedals.

Linear actuator custom built with 4130 steel, narrower than Steve Wright actuator for easy installation and removal - 6 lbs total and 9 lbs with motor. Includes and installed Wright electronic circuit board for automatic activation under certain speeds. Can be completely disassembled for maintenance, includes a titanium spring, chromed lower tube and powder coated top tube.

Also includes original Brock hand crank assembly, never used.

Nose rudder pedals installed with quick adjustment feature and brass/aluminum slide tubes allowing rudder control before brakes engage.

Electric speed brake installed.


WINGS, see: http://dreamgreen.org/plane/187-wings

Main wing spar complete

Main wing jigs and templates included

Task strake kit with baffles

Titanium and AL rudder hidden bell horns for winglets, + complete set of drawings for winglets.

Roncz canard and elevators, filled and painted in 2 part epoxy primer, Titanium hinges

MAIN GEAR, see: http://dreamgreen.org/plane/190-main-gear

Gear mounted with 7" titanium rods that were drilled for the mounting bolts replacing the 5/8 steel tubes. This eliminates the hard landing issue that often leads to bending of the mounting bolts and loose gear

Matco triple puck brakes and Matco W51LTK main wheels

Nose mounted Matco brake cylinders installed with individual reservoirs

Parking brake and brake tubing installed.


4130 STEEL ROLL OVER AND CANOPY, see http://dreamgreen.org/plane/191-canopy-and-rollover

Tinted over sized canopy opening on a gas strut mounted to canopy. Has glass reinforced rear bow eliminating need for arrow. This canopy is over 2 inches wider and taller than stock providing lots of head room particularly for GIB. All filing and sanding complete. Weight 19 lbs.

Arm rests and control systems installed with ball bearings. Control system includes titanium control sticks and firewall through linkage. Aileron & elevator trim handles installed with cables swaged on.


ENGINE SEE: http://dreamgreen.org/plane/186-subaru-engine

Subaru EJ 2.5 L 165 hp conversion has 400 hrs on a Cozy aircraft. Fuel injected, original auto computer etc. Bolt on and fly.


Wood prop

New carbon fiber low profile intake manifold for better fit and closer match to engine running at 60% power. 12lbs lighter than stock. Stock intake still included.

Custom built AL radiator for engine that flew with this engine.

Fiber glass and carbon cowlings for an O-320 engine that require minimal change to use with the Subaru engine



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