Custom Mast & Boom Sheaves

Created: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 Written by Don Green

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If you need sheaves call me at 304 723-4553 or contact me.
I am on Facebook at:
I custom make them out of black acetal (see data sheet) so they are UV resistant and much stronger than cast plastic or Polyethylene sheaves.

Presently can make up to 6" diameter. Let us know the following details:

1/ Line diameter
2/ Measure the sheave end diameter
3/ Measure the length between 2 sides
4/ Use calipers and measure the diameter of the bolt or spacer that runs through the center hole. Do not measure the hole in the old roller as it will be worn and probably incorrect.
5/ Send the information and your details to us via the form here:
6/ We will send you a quote within 24 hours



Sheaves Fitted2

Leopard catamaran sheave

Sail boat replacement sheaves

Maxim & Voyager catamaran boom sheaves below.

Maxim & Voyage catamaran boom sheaves

Sheaves with bushings

Image shown with Bonze bushing. We are now offering a better option and that is the use of plastic bushings. For a detailed comparison please see Bronze vs Plastic
Carry Acetal material up to 6" diameter. Custom sheaves typically cost between $18 and $40, anchor roller sheaves are more.



+1 #4 Mike M 2016-08-12 12:42
Needed new anchor roller wheel for my Scanmar 33, it has an oem specific anchor roller with an uncommon sized wheel.  Don was able to make the wheels fit to spec and deliver it quickly for use the same weekend.

Thanks Don!
+1 #3 Jeff T 2015-05-20 16:15
Rudder bushing fabricated to specs for a reasonable price and shipped expeditiously. 100% satisfied. Many Thanks!
+1 #2 Capt Troy Bethel 2014-01-22 03:57
As Capt Scott said , they fit like a glove on the Leopard 45/47 boom , and with my larger squarehead mainsail , I could not take a chance with the higher leach loads exploding one of the cast sheaves .
Very well made and an awesome price .
Thanks Don
+2 #1 Capt Scott Dempster 2014-01-20 23:56
These sheaves are the perfect fit for the boom ends on a Leopard 45/47 for the outhaul and reefing lines. I had the Budget Marine brand and these are better fit and material. These lines are TOO critical to have sheaves fail, so I replaced them ALL!

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