Custom Genoa Sheaves

Created: Sunday, 29 September 2013 Written by Don Green

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We make custom sheaves, anchor rollers, rudder bushings etc from white or black acetal (see data sheet)

We produce these in our own US production facilities so can produce other sizes and shapes.

Send us a sketch, we will do a CAD drawing for you to verify and for your future records.
I am on Facebook at:

Let us know the following details:
1/ Line diameter
2/ Measure the sheave end diameter
3/ Measure the length between 2 sides
4/ Use calipers and measure the diameter of the bolt or spacer that runs through the center hole. Do not measure the hole in the old roller as it will be worn and probably incorrect.
5/ Send the information and your details to us via the form here:
6/ We will send you a quote within 24 hours

Genoa rollers

Replacement Harken Genoa rollers used on the Lagoon 380

Lewmar replacement rollers

Replacement Lewmar Genoa rollers used on the Lagoon 380 S2 from about 2008 on wards.

For a detailed comparison of bushings please see Bronze vs Plastic

Carry Acetal material up to 6" diameter. Custom sheaves typically cost between $18 and $40, anchor roller sheaves are more.


+1 #2 Stephen 2017-01-17 11:20
I could not get these sheaves in germany. Don did a professional job.

Standard shipping to germany went fast and I could pay the customs duty at the postman.
Thanks Don.
+4 #1 Joni Goodman 2015-12-19 13:35
We asked Don to fabricate new chalk rollers for our Tayana 48.  Working to get these custom rollers was a "dream".  Don and Sharon were very eager to help us and get it right!  Thanks Don. 

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