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Created: Saturday, 16 May 2015 Written by Don Green

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If you want to spruce up your boat and add some artistic flare, then start at the bow with a custom bow anchor assembly.

The assemblies below are approximately 24 inches long and 7.5 inches high. They include 3 rollers 3" in diameter and 3.4" long on custom titanium "sex" bolts. Sides are 3.5" apart. They are manufactured by us in the USA out of 1/4" thick 316L Stainless Steel.

You can choose from our designs or have us custom design artwork for you. Cost is approximately $800 plus shipping FOB Weirton WV. Powder coating is extra as are LED lights, power washers and other add-ons.

Currently have two dolphin, 2 dragon and 1 mermaid available and are accepting orders for these which require a 50% deposit via Payal. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for final finishing.

Contact us at or 304 723 4553 for any questions or for a quotation.

Below is a custom catamaran anchor roller setup with LED lights inside. These bow roller assemblies not including the anchors are 30 inches long, 17 inches apart. Note: the inside faces are not laser cut out, only the outsides have dragons so the light is reflected out. Port side anchor is a Rocna 33kg (73lb), Stbd side is a Delta 40kg (88 lb). Cross beam will have fiberglass wedges added to leading edge for additional support and anchor locks added aft. Wedges will include pressure washer nozzles to clean rode and anchors. Contact us for pricing on this design.

Rocna 33 & Delta 40 anchor roller

Below is a Dolphin assembly with a Vulcan 20kg (44lb) anchor. There is a slot aft for anchor tie down. Made with 1/4" thick 316L SS plate.

Dolphin Anchor rollers with Vulcan 20

 Below is a Dragon with a 65 lb Mantus anchor shown. Note the hole forward top for a locking pin.

Dragon bow roller assembly

Below: "Canadians For The Sea". Notice that the letters are modified to show stylized fish.

For the true patriot, you can have it powder coated red. A 65 lb Mantus anchor is shown

Patriotic red canadian anchor bow rollers

Canada Red Zoom

The mermaid is composed of stylized waves for she is of the waves and calms the waves. Powder coated.

Mermaid anchor roller

US Flag

For those of you who want to frighten off pirates (or be one)!  The metal frame is laser cut to the contour of the cannon and the wood cannon is screwed to it from the inside.  Not yet in production.

Anchor roller canon

Horse anchor assemby

Horse anchor assemby


Dolphin anchor assembly



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