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Dream Green is proud to bring you Noble Celts Chess by award-winning game inventor and artist, Don Green.

Noble Celts is a richly decorated Celton-Saxon styled circular chess game. Chess was played on a circular designed board centuries ago but this version mostly disappeared during the Dark Ages. This could be as a result of the many occasions that chess has been forbidden .  Only in recent years has this form of chess been rediscovered and this design combines beautiful artistry with dynamic play. Although the chess pieces still move as in European Chess and those chess rules apply, the lack of side edges on the Noble Board makes this variant a vibrant way of playing an ancient game.
The board is faux leather measuring approximately 26 x 26 inches. The abstract animal and interlocking braided cord designs of Northern Britain and Ireland harmonize beautifully and are complemented with exquisite chess pieces from an original set hand carved by Don Green. Some references to the development and history of chess and the pieces are included. Many more can be found on this site and the internet. The chess pieces are cast resin.
Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a novice, Noble Celts is an interesting twist on a classic game which will keep you entertained for hours!

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