Finally, a game timer that can time up to 8 players.  Dramatically enhance the speed of all your games including chess, bingo, Rummikub, Das Motorsportspiel, Scrabble and many others including Tic Tac Chec and our OY! games. Or time school quizzes and debates using this unique game timer.  The G8 features "quick set" options for up to 8 different players including individual handicaps, various sound and light warnings, delays and increasing or decreasing display of time. You can also save two game settings in memory while playing a third game.  The G8 is compact enough to be placed in a shirt pocket, comes with a protective cover and, best of all, is inexpensive. The G8 timer has been used as an official timer at the International Scrabble Championship and at major gaming conventions like Origins and GenCon.  See web site for timing set-ups.

"The G8 Game Timer is truly the ideal antidote to those frustrating competitors who take too long to complete their turns.”  - GAMES Magazine.

"The G8 may prove invaluable”. - Abstract Games Magazine

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