Flocks display boxAwarded a Seal of Excellence
by Creative Child Magazine - 2005

The wild and wacky game of memory and luck. Be the ornithologist to collect the most FLOCKS from the twenty one different types of bird cards, but beware! This daft and daffy game also has the Spying Spectacle Bird that allows you to look at the other players’ cards and the Crazy Cuckoo Bird that lets you grab someone else’s Flocks. And don’t forget to use the lucky Golden Egg Card.

It’s cuckoo - It’s freaky
It’s loco - It’s sneaky
It’s high flying family fun

Cards and instructions in English and Spanish.
Ages: 4+
2 + players
10 + minutes play time

Flocks is a terrific memory tool, language aid and giggle inducer.   Play is similar to a combination of "GO FISH" and "RUMMY" but with some original and fun twists.

Robin Cuckoo EagleBack Duck Pelican
Front of box
1.2 mb

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