The Fans Bands Collection are assembled in Weirton, WV, USA. The charms are easily converted to pendants by removing the clasp and using the ring to attach to a necklace or chain. Remove the ring and use the included hanger to convert them into earrings.

Are you an animal lover? Millions of companion animals are destroyed in shelters every year simply because there is no one to adopt them or enough resources to support them. At least 10 % of net profits of Fans Bands goes directly to animal shelters. On average animals are put down after 5 days if not adopted. One more day may be the difference between life and death for an innocent loving animal. So purchase Fans Bands to attach to your pets collar or wear Fans Bands to show your support for their cause and your favorite teams, clubs, organizations and groups by combining one or more of the braided leather bracelets with some charms. It's your choice! It's your Fans Bands! You will help save an animals life. Also we are raising awareness of their plight and encouraging more adoption and less purchasing of animals from puppy farms, Proceeds will also support animal neutering thus reducing the number of animals entering shelters in the future.

Order retail now here. See Catalog of available bracelets and charms / earrings. Fans Bands are not sold in stores.

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