Tired of phone calls requesting donations for this or that charity knowing that the company calling you will probably keep most of your donation and the charity will receive maybe just 10% of it? So were we.

Our solution: Combine two of the world's most popular passions, cars and music with a well established collectible. Designate each to a specific charity and donate most of the profits to that charity.

Any time someone sees your Cause Car they will know your kindness and you will help create awarness for the charities you support. Your collection will remind you of your donation and will provide entertainment to both you and others for years to come.

Considering the environment, we exclude the use of batteries and recognizing the importance of education, we provide an interactive toy that introduces music and mechanics with the most loved child and adult characters. Recognizing that the market for toy cars is dominated by toys aimed at the male market we have designed the brand to be female inclusive.

Dog Car Small CAUSE CARS™ are Patent Pend. collectible musical toy cars designed for year round sales, not just the typical end of year Christmas season. Traditional music boxes have been a popular collectible for over a century but never before mechanically connected to the wheels of a toy vehicle. There are millions of possible variations and we have a list of 1000 tunes developed and for a small fee your own tune is easily produced.

Dream Green is working with the world's largest music box suppliers Yunsheng Co.,Ltd. Musical Product Division of China to develop the mechanics.

Please allow us to introduce you to some of our proposed CauseCars™. There is now over 20 pages of CAD drawings and photos, some are for concept purposes and not necessarily those that will be in the final product. Select next at the bottom of each page to follow along.

Download and read the first children's story in the series: The Secret Life Of Toys that includes the toy cars and lots of animal fun.Any feedback is always appreciated.

Contact us to discuss your Cause and how we can work together.

Concept, engineering and images ©2009 /2010/2011 Don Green

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