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This collection of 8 games have been very popular for many years. All proceeds from this sale will go to environmental and conservation causes. Thank you for your support.

The word OY is pronounced as in JOY and is derived from the nautical term AHOY or 'HOY and is used in Great Britain, Australia and elsewhere as a greeting or exclamation to attract attention.

The deck contains 120 cards: 105 cards with a letter and a number from 1 to 9 for scoring purposes, 5 wild OY! cards & 10 blank cards. The blanks can be used for unique language letters, extra vowels, hyphens and apostrophes (remember to assign them high points).


1/ Inducted into The Toy Man® Product Guide - 14th December 2009

2/ Selected for a Seal of Excellence Award in Creative Child Magazine's 2004 Top Creative Toys competition.

3/ Awarded Three Stars (top honors) by the Canadian Toy Testing Council.

4/ Presented the 2003 Gold Award by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) for Children's Resources.

5/ Finalist in the 2003 Teacher's Choice Awards.

"These cards help build and reinforce word, spelling and alphabet skills" LEARNING Magazine.

"Excellent skill builders...great boredom busters" EDPLAY Magazine.

"An alphabetic challenge for every age! With eight different games and many variations with each, this 120 card game pack has something for everyone" CANADIAN TOY TESTING COUNCIL

The companion game to 1-2-3 OY! contains eight surprisingly adaptable, fun games for any age or ability level, only these games are word, spelling and alphabet based. Learn your letters backwards and forwards with ZOOM OY! or speed spell with SLAPSPELL OY!.

You can even learn languages using the blank cards included to make your own foreign alphabet. Suitable for preschool through adult, the games are easily adjusted to suit the needs of any player. The deck contains 120 cards which includes both capital and lower case letters. Instructions are in English, French and Spanish and include comprehensive information for parents and educators.


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A-B-C OY! Instructions
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