The Fans Bands Collection are assembled in Weirton, WV, USA. The charms are easily converted to pendants by removing the clasp and using the ring to attach to a necklace or chain. Remove the ring and use the included hanger to convert them into earrings.

Are you an animal lover? Millions of companion animals are destroyed in shelters every year simply because there is no one to adopt them or enough resources to support them. At least 10 % of net profits of Fans Bands goes directly to animal shelters. On average animals are put down after 5 days if not adopted. One more day may be the difference between life and death for an innocent loving animal. So purchase Fans Bands to attach to your pets collar or wear Fans Bands to show your support for their cause and your favorite teams, clubs, organizations and groups by combining one or more of the braided leather bracelets with some charms. It's your choice! It's your Fans Bands! You will help save an animals life. Also we are raising awareness of their plight and encouraging more adoption and less purchasing of animals from puppy farms, Proceeds will also support animal neutering thus reducing the number of animals entering shelters in the future.

Order retail now here. See Catalog of available bracelets and charms / earrings. Fans Bands are not sold in stores.

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1-2-3 OY!


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Used in thousands of schools for remedial through gifted students, in classrooms and for activity and afterschool programs. Instructions for the ten different games are now listed by grade level in English, French and Spanish.

FOR AGES 4 TO ADULT. 1-2-3 OY! dramatically improves fast mental arithmetic, quickly builds confidence and encourages teamwork. Teachers, parents and students, remedial to advanced, love this unique collection of ten dynamic math card games. The flexible rules and optional use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will challenge the best of the best and help the most math phobic. The instructions have been reviewed and edited by a world authority on games and past senior editor of GAMES Magazine and now include comprehensive information for educators at both school and home. Each game is presented with numerous variations which are easily adapted to players abilities. Each game is clearly defined by grade level, difficulty and speed. The cards range from zero to sixteen and include five wild OY! cards. The faces of the 90 cards include drawings representing their numbers to assist parents in the introduction of numbers to very young children. Cards are coated for long term durability and because there are five of each the loss of a few will not unduly affect the playing of the games.

Download the free pc version of 2 QUICK OY, one of the 10 games in the set of 1-2-3 OY!.

Larger image for printing

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This collection of 8 games have been very popular for many years. All proceeds from this sale will go to environmental and conservation causes. Thank you for your support.

The word OY is pronounced as in JOY and is derived from the nautical term AHOY or 'HOY and is used in Great Britain, Australia and elsewhere as a greeting or exclamation to attract attention.

The deck contains 120 cards: 105 cards with a letter and a number from 1 to 9 for scoring purposes, 5 wild OY! cards & 10 blank cards. The blanks can be used for unique language letters, extra vowels, hyphens and apostrophes (remember to assign them high points).


1/ Inducted into The Toy Man® Product Guide - 14th December 2009

2/ Selected for a Seal of Excellence Award in Creative Child Magazine's 2004 Top Creative Toys competition.

3/ Awarded Three Stars (top honors) by the Canadian Toy Testing Council.

4/ Presented the 2003 Gold Award by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) for Children's Resources.

5/ Finalist in the 2003 Teacher's Choice Awards.

"These cards help build and reinforce word, spelling and alphabet skills" LEARNING Magazine.

"Excellent skill builders...great boredom busters" EDPLAY Magazine.

"An alphabetic challenge for every age! With eight different games and many variations with each, this 120 card game pack has something for everyone" CANADIAN TOY TESTING COUNCIL

The companion game to 1-2-3 OY! contains eight surprisingly adaptable, fun games for any age or ability level, only these games are word, spelling and alphabet based. Learn your letters backwards and forwards with ZOOM OY! or speed spell with SLAPSPELL OY!.

You can even learn languages using the blank cards included to make your own foreign alphabet. Suitable for preschool through adult, the games are easily adjusted to suit the needs of any player. The deck contains 120 cards which includes both capital and lower case letters. Instructions are in English, French and Spanish and include comprehensive information for parents and educators.


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Tic Tac Chec

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Master the basic elements of chess within 5 minutes, including moves and strategy without being intimidated. This quick, fun game combines aspects of both chess and tic tac toe. The object of the game is to get your four pieces, a Knight, a Rook, a Bishop and a Pawn in a line before your opponent does.

TicTac Case2

"Chess is an easy-to-learn game which provides educational benefits to K-12 students. Recently I learned about Tic Tac Chec, a chess variant which (like chess) promotes problem solving among its players. My son and I played several Tic Tac Chec games and together figured out a few strategies for our next playing session--Dr. Alexey Root, author of " Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators."

"One of our most popular teacher items. Tic Tac Chec teaches chess unlike any other product we've seen! A must have for any classroom!" Jeanne Voigt - Owner, Mindware catalog

"Simple chess! This beautifully crafted wooden board game combines Tic Tac Toe with chess to provide kids with an easy and fun way to learn chess strategies. Children enjoyed this two-player hybrid version and it proved quite helpful in mastering moves. Players found it quick to set up, quick to learn and quick to play. A great introduction to the classic game. Rating ***" Canadian Toy Testing Council


GAMES Magazine awarded TIC TAC CHEC their prestigious "GAMES 100" Award, calling the game easy to play but also "... a tricky little game even for chess masters". TIC TAC CHEC has been called "the perfect introduction to chess" by Dr. Toy and awarded a DR. TOY Top 10 Game Award. TIC TAC CHEC has been called the perfect travel game and awarded an EDUSOURCE Top 10 Game Award. TIC TAC CHEC has been awarded Three Stars (their highest award) by the Canadian Toy Testing Council. TIC TAC CHEC was selected for the 2002 Parenting for High Potential Holiday Toy List and the 2003 Today's Parent Holiday Toy List.


Master the basic elements of chess within 5 minutes, including moves and strategy without being intimidated. This quick, fun game combines aspects of both chess and tic tac toe. The object of the game is to get your four pieces, a Knight, a Rook, a Bishop and a Pawn in a line before your opponent does. Captured pieces are returned and can be played again. Both novice and avid chess players will love this game which is both exciting and challenging. Silk screened on hard wood with wood playing pieces. Complete instructions included. - Instructions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese & Japanese.

Piece move diagram and instructions for Tic Tac Chec (pdf), the game instructions are on the back of the box.

A well written independent article on the moves and strategy of Tic Tac Chec

Overhead for teachers

Order Here or call toll free 1-888 GET GAME ( 1-888 438 4263 )

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G8 Game Timer


Finally, a game timer that can time up to 8 players.  Dramatically enhance the speed of all your games including chess, bingo, Rummikub, Das Motorsportspiel, Scrabble and many others including Tic Tac Chec and our OY! games. Or time school quizzes and debates using this unique game timer.  The G8 features "quick set" options for up to 8 different players including individual handicaps, various sound and light warnings, delays and increasing or decreasing display of time. You can also save two game settings in memory while playing a third game.  The G8 is compact enough to be placed in a shirt pocket, comes with a protective cover and, best of all, is inexpensive. The G8 timer has been used as an official timer at the International Scrabble Championship and at major gaming conventions like Origins and GenCon.  See web site for timing set-ups.

"The G8 Game Timer is truly the ideal antidote to those frustrating competitors who take too long to complete their turns.”  - GAMES Magazine.

"The G8 may prove invaluable”. - Abstract Games Magazine

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Noble Celts Circular Chess


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Dream Green is proud to bring you Noble Celts Chess by award-winning game inventor and artist, Don Green.

Noble Celts is a richly decorated Celton-Saxon styled circular chess game. Chess was played on a circular designed board centuries ago but this version mostly disappeared during the Dark Ages. This could be as a result of the many occasions that chess has been forbidden .  Only in recent years has this form of chess been rediscovered and this design combines beautiful artistry with dynamic play. Although the chess pieces still move as in European Chess and those chess rules apply, the lack of side edges on the Noble Board makes this variant a vibrant way of playing an ancient game.
The board is faux leather measuring approximately 26 x 26 inches. The abstract animal and interlocking braided cord designs of Northern Britain and Ireland harmonize beautifully and are complemented with exquisite chess pieces from an original set hand carved by Don Green. Some references to the development and history of chess and the pieces are included. Many more can be found on this site and the internet. The chess pieces are cast resin.
Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a novice, Noble Celts is an interesting twist on a classic game which will keep you entertained for hours!
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This beautiful wooden game combines Mancala, one of the most ancient and widely played games in the world, and the modern straight ahead gammon game of Uthini? with it's 19 traditional symbols from Africa. Uthini is a Swahili word and means Pardon? (As in excuse me, why did you make that move?) This is our original game which has its roots in Backgammon. The reversible board, set in a carved frame by Don Green, has detailed African animals that form a link between an Egyptian scene on one end and Cape Town South Africa on the other. The carved base is molded from recycled plastic and can also be used as a small storage container for the glass stones that are used in both games.

Mancala.uthini 3

Order here or call 304 723-4553

- Left side image as packaged with label

- Right side image

- Egypt with Mancala board image

- Cape Town end image

- Game as candy container image

- Instructions

- See the video of Don showing Uthini / Mancala in our booth at Toy Fair 2006
select Dream Green - thanks to TDmonthly Magazine

The carved base is molded from recycled plastic and the surface of the wood board which is made from renewable sources has a non-toxic finish.
Living in Africa is colorful and full of richness beyond words and has much to teach us if only we take a moment to look. I have designed this game with 3 objectives in mind:
To introduce just a few symbols that are so omnipresent in Africa, from clothing to language, from ceremonial functions to art which represent the true depth and diversity of African culture. This is but the briefest explanation of them.
To introduce some animals through simple carvings. Carving is a very common art form and is available on road sides all over Africa;
And to make people aware of the game of Mancala, often called the African game, although it is played by many cultures and in many ways. This game is special for it is known to be at least three thousand years old and is still very popular. It has no element of luck, is simple to learn and yet is difficult to master.


The colors, shield and ceremonial spears and staff depicted on the front of the game were inspired from the flag of Swaziland, one of the oldest monarchies in Africa. I have modified the staff to include the large heavy head of the traditional African weapon called a Knobkierie. Dual symbols of defense and authority, the spear and knobkierie are lying down, symbolizing peace as on the South African Coat of Arms. The Gazelle is drawn in a highly stylized way which is very typical African.

UTHIN? - To find the definition of a symbol select the symbol below or just scroll down through them all.


Some of the following descriptions were sourced from the internet and I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who have contributed. Almost every living creature has superstitions, either negative or positive attached to it.

Three principal factors underlie the creation of African art. First, art is used to transmit the laws, moral codes, and history of each group to its young. Among most African peoples, boys-and in some cases girls-are sent away from their villages to attend bush schools for varying periods. There they are taught about the ethics, values, religion, and traditions of their culture that will enable them to become responsible adult members of their community. The art form most often used for this instruction is the mask, which may represent any number of significant figures within the traditions of the group, including ancestors, powerful spirits, cultural heroes, and important past or present members of the society.
Mask African masks depict spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control. Each mask was made according to a traditional style, and each was worn by a trained performer. The African masks that hang on walls of Western art museums, detached from their full-body costumes, were originally part of whole performance ensembles, consisting of elaborately costumed dancers, vibrant music, and highly stylized dances. These complex ceremonial events expressed important social, religious, and moral values for the whole community. With careful attention to the masks' artistic and symbolic detail, it is possible to perceive these same values within the masks themselves. Figure sculptures are occasionally used for this purpose as well.

Second, African art serves to facilitate communication between people and supernatural forces and beings. Objects made to fulfill this function are chiefly in the form of human or animal figures. They are given their powers by religious practitioners who are able to make contact with the spirit world and to work with magic. Sculptures of this nature serve such essential purposes as warding off disease, natural calamities, and other evil; bringing fertility to people, animals, or crops; and rendering difficult judgments. They are frequently rubbed with palm oil and coated with other potent materials both to imbue them with their magical powers and to maintain their effectiveness. Certain large sculptures in this category are invoked to assure the general well-being of the entire community. Smaller examples are used by individuals to bring similar benefits to themselves and their families. Art is also made in Africa to indicate the wealth and status of its owner. Objects of daily use such as neck rests, stools, cups, boxes, staffs, and pipes are carefully carved to proclaim the taste and social position of those who use them. Much of this art is purely decorative, made to be seen and casually admired by all members of the community. Other examples serve to signify that their owners have undergone the process of investiture to become rulers and are therefore entitled to the prerogatives of leadership.
Art plays an essential role in the lives of the African peoples and their communities. It serves a much more vital purpose than merely to beautify the human environment, as art is usually employed in contemporary Western societies. The beauty of African art is simply an element of its function, for these objects would not be effective if they were not aesthetically pleasing. Its beauty and its content thus combine to make art the vehicle that ensures the survival of traditions, protects the community and the individual, and tells much of the person or persons who use it.


The Ankh is a symbolic representation of both Physical and Eternal life. It is known as the original cross, which is a powerful symbol that was first created by Africans in Ancient Egypt.
The Ankh is commonly known to mean life in the language of Ancient Kemet (land of the Blacks) renamed Egypt by the Greeks. It is also a symbol for the power to give and sustain life, the Ankh is typically associated with material things such as water (which was believed by Egyptians to regenerate life), air, sun, as well as with the Gods, who are frequently pictured carrying an Ankh. The Egyptian king is often associated with the Ankh also, either in possession of an Ankh (providing life to his people) or being given an Ankh (or stream of Ankhs) by the Gods. This can be seen in the picture of King Senworsert below who is holding two Ankhs to his chest. There are numerous examples that have been found that were made from metal, clay and wood. It is usually worn as an amulet to extent the life of living and placed on the mummy to energize the resurrected spirit. The Gods and the Kings are often shown carrying the Ankh to distinguish them from mere mortals. The Ankh symbolized eternal life and bestowed immortality on anyone who possessed it. It is believed that life energy emanating from the Ankh can be absorbed by anyone within a certain proximity. An Ankh serves as an antenna or conduit for the divine power of life that permeates the universe. The amulet is a powerful talisman that provides the wearer with protection from the evil forces of decay and degeneration.
The loop of the Ankh is held by the Gods. It is associated with Isis and Osiris in the Early Dynastic Period. The Loop of the Anhk also represent the feminine discipline or the (Womb), while the elongated section represent the masculine discipline or the (Penis). These two sacred units then come together and form life.
The ancient gods of Egypt are often depicted as carrying ankh signs. We find Anqet, Ptah, Satet, Sobek, Tefnut, Osiris, Ra, Isis, Hathor, Anibus and many other gods often holding the ankh sign, along with a scepter, and in various tomb and temple reliefs, placing it in front of the king's face to symbolize the breath of eternal life. During the Amarna period, the ankh sign was depicted being offered to Akhenaten and Nefertiti by the hands at the end of the rays descending from the sun disk, Aten (See carving). Therefore, the ankh sign is not only a symbol of worldly life, but of life in the netherworld. Therefore, we also find the dead being referred to as ankhu, and a term for a sarcophagus was neb-ankh, meaning possessor of life.

CattleIn ancient Egypt, cattle were deified and regarded as the earthly representative of the gods. Egyptian Pharaohs were said to represent two gods. Horus represented Upper Egypt and Seth represented Lower Egypt. Horus was the son of Hathor who was depicted as either a cow or a strong bull. Another Egyptian god that is represented by a bull is the god of rain, a very important entity to the people of Nabta, considering that life or death could have been determined by the amount of rain they received.

Among the Nuer of the Sudan, the most perfect sacrifice is the most treasured possession a person can acquire—a cow or ox. Cattle not only have an important economic and utilitarian significance in Nuer society but they are also of great emotional, psychological, symbolic, and aesthetic value, hence the equation of all sacrificial objects with cattle. This is so much the case that, whatever is offered, be it a sheep, a goat, or a vegetable, it is symbolically regarded as a cow. Just as the concept of the ancestors permeates Malagasy life, so that of cattle is all-pervasive in Nuer life. There is cattle poetry, and there are cattle praise songs, and cattle honorific names, while the initiation gift and symbol of youth is an ox.

In African traditional religion the aim of ritual is to explain and control the workings of the material world. However, there is constant communication between the spiritual and material worlds, so as to restore the harmony between them that through human error was lost at the beginning, and the lack of which explains the precarious and incomplete state of the present material world.

The Maasai of Tanzania and Kenya have an expression “God gave us cattle and grass. Without grass there are no cattle, and without cattle there are no Maasai”. All over Africa cattle are given in payment of dowry and settlement of conflicts and ones wealth is measured by the number of cattle you own. The ancient African strategy game played with cow figures of MORABARABA is very popular. The game was originally taught to young warriors to teach them on how to make cattle raids.

Praying MantisPraying Mantis
The praying mantis has historically been a popular subject of mythology and folklore. In France, people believed a praying mantis would point a lost child home. In Arabic and Turkish cultures, a mantis was thought to point toward Mecca. In Africa, the mantis was thought to brink good luck to whomever it landed on and even restore life to the dead. The Bushmen of Southern Africa as a whole, are traditional tribal religionists and very closed to Christianity. They believe celestial bodies (sun, moon, morning star, and the southern cross) are symbols of divinity and the praying mantis is a divine messenger and when one is seen, diviners try to determine the current message. In the U.S. they were thought to blind men and kill horses. Europeans believed they were highly worshipful to god since they always seemed to be praying. In China, nothing cured bedwetting better than roasted mantis eggs.
See the complete story.

ElephantElephants symbolize wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity.
Elephants have always been used in African mythology as a symbol of strength, leadership and greatness. Even today the Venda people often greet important people as "nda ndou" which literally can be translated as "good day, elephant".


SunThe rising sun
An emblem of brightness, splendour and the supreme principle of the nature of energy, it symbolises the promise of rebirth, the active faculties of reflection, knowledge, good judgement and willpower. It is the symbol of the source of life, of light and the ultimate wholeness of Humanity.

WaterThe Bantu people and many others are united around the sacredness of water, and I know of no Bantu culture where water does not play a central role.( This original water symbol around the base of the carving and also the Uthini? Board symbolizes how water unites us all like a rope tying us together - Don ) " Bantu" is not an ethnicity but a language group. Originating in the Nok region of Nigeria probably 2,500 years ago, the Bantu were never what is dismissively called a "primitive" culture. Likely by way of Nubia and the Sahel Corridor, presumably ultimately from Egypt, they spread the working of iron and the beauty and complexity of their worldview over rather a large section of Central, South and East Africa from Cameroon to Kenya, from the Cape of Good Hope to Uganda. There are many Bantu languages and many Bantu cultures, and at the same time, they make a fairly coherent whole. - complete text by Michael Ortiz Hill

TokilosheThe tokiloshe was originally a water sprite and is commonly described as a brown, hairy dwarf that is invisible to adults. The creature is mischievious, but only malevolent when controlled by an evil sorcerer. (we might call him the boogy man). There is a widely held myth in Southern Africa that says the Africans raise their beds on bricks to avoid being attacked by the Tokiloshe.

ChameleonChameleon - source Myths & Legends of Southern Africa by Penny Miller
The Koi people and several other African groups share a common story that makes them despise the chameleon. The chameleon was given the message by the gods to carry to all man; "As I die, and dying live, so you shall also die, and dying live". He was so slow that the message was then also given to a hare. The hare traveled fast and spread the message to the chiefs who had to accept it. Unfortunately being hare brained he scrambled it; " As I die and dying perish, in the same manner shall you die and perish and come wholly to an end" and so from that day mankind has lived and died.

ToktokkieThe Toktokkie beetle – One of the hardiest beetles in Southern Africa. It is known as the Doctor of the {mosimage} road. He is a fertility symbol and always features in the wedding songs of the Xhosa people.

HyhenaHyenas - Myths about hyenas originated from confusion about their sexual activity. Male and female mate just as other mammals do, but male and female genitalia are quite similar in appearance. One theory holds that the female has a large amount of male hormones to increase her aggressiveness. Whatever the biological reason, the confusion inspired claims that hyenas could change sex at will. This notion led to accusations of witchcraft and the belief that witches can turn themselves into hyenas.

Unity The Nsibidi Unity Symbol in the writing of the Ejagham people of Nigeria

THE ADINKRA SYMBOLS (Willis, "The Adinkra Dictionary")


Originally designed by "Asante" Craftsment of Ghana, West Africa. The symbols embody non-verbal communicative and aesthetic values, as well as the way of life of the people who designed them.

LeadershipADINKRAHENE "Chief of the adinkra symbols"
Symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership
It also signifies the importance of playing a leadership role.

GodGYE NYAME " except for God"
The symbol of the supremacy of God
This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana. It is by far the most popular for use in decoration, a reflection on the deeply religious character of the Ghanaian people

CrocodileDENKYEM "crocodile"
The symbol of adaptability. The crocodile lives in the water, yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances. The Edo people of Benin City believe that the crocodile symbolizes power. The king or Oba is able to crush opposition like crocodile crushes its prey.

" return and get it"
symbol of importance of learning from the past
Sankofa is the symbol of the wisdom in learning from the past in building for the future. (It is not a taboo to go back and retrieve what you have forgotten.)

" Siamese crocodiles"
Symbol of democracy and unity
The Siamese crocodiles share one stomach, yet they fight over food. This popular symbol is a reminder that infighting and tribalism is harmful to all who engage in it.

" that which removes bad luck" symbol of good furtune and sanctity

" wisdom knot"
symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience
An especially revered symbol of the Akan, this symbol conveys the idea that "a wise person has the capacity to choose the best meeans to attain a goal. Being wise implies broad knowledge, learning and experience, and the ability to apply such faculties to practical ends."

" What I hear, I keep"
symbol of wisdom, knowledge and prudence
The implied meaning of the phrase "mate masie" is "I understand". Understanding means wisdom and knowledge, but it also represents the prudence of taking into consideration what another person has said.

" Love never loses its way home"
symbol of the power of love

Some Other Symbols
The star is an ancient symbol of hope for the future. It is also on about 50% of all African National flags, but this is due to the influence of Islam.

The Gorilla called Ngi or Ngui among the Fang and Nji among the Bulu is the symbol of fire and positive power (the chimpanzee represents evil).

In Africa the owl is associated with witchcraft and sorcery. To the Bantu the owl is the "familiar of wizards." In eastern Africa, the Swahili "believe that the owl brings illness to children." Zulus in southern Africa know the owl as a bird of sorcerers, and in the western part of the continent the bird is considered a messenger of wizards and witches. And in Madagascar it is said that owls gather with witches to dance on the graves of the dead.
To the Edo people of Benin, the bird symbolizes the king's power to overcome false prophets and fortunetellers.

Double-headed Serpent / Snakes The double-headed serpent reminds the Bamum people of Cameroon that their king once fought his enemies on two fronts and won. The Edo people of Benin City believe that snakes consume and destroy illness.

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Flocks Title

Flocks display boxAwarded a Seal of Excellence
by Creative Child Magazine - 2005

The wild and wacky game of memory and luck. Be the ornithologist to collect the most FLOCKS from the twenty one different types of bird cards, but beware! This daft and daffy game also has the Spying Spectacle Bird that allows you to look at the other players’ cards and the Crazy Cuckoo Bird that lets you grab someone else’s Flocks. And don’t forget to use the lucky Golden Egg Card.

It’s cuckoo - It’s freaky
It’s loco - It’s sneaky
It’s high flying family fun

Cards and instructions in English and Spanish.
Ages: 4+
2 + players
10 + minutes play time

Flocks is a terrific memory tool, language aid and giggle inducer.   Play is similar to a combination of "GO FISH" and "RUMMY" but with some original and fun twists.

Robin Cuckoo EagleBack Duck Pelican
Front of box
1.2 mb

Order here

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From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select a FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us, or sign in and ask your question using the "new..." link that will appear here. - Thank you.

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Tired of phone calls requesting donations for this or that charity knowing that the company calling you will probably keep most of your donation and the charity will receive maybe just 10% of it? So were we.

Our solution: Combine two of the world's most popular passions, cars and music with a well established collectible. Designate each to a specific charity and donate most of the profits to that charity.

Any time someone sees your Cause Car they will know your kindness and you will help create awarness for the charities you support. Your collection will remind you of your donation and will provide entertainment to both you and others for years to come.

Considering the environment, we exclude the use of batteries and recognizing the importance of education, we provide an interactive toy that introduces music and mechanics with the most loved child and adult characters. Recognizing that the market for toy cars is dominated by toys aimed at the male market we have designed the brand to be female inclusive.

Dog Car Small CAUSE CARS™ are Patent Pend. collectible musical toy cars designed for year round sales, not just the typical end of year Christmas season. Traditional music boxes have been a popular collectible for over a century but never before mechanically connected to the wheels of a toy vehicle. There are millions of possible variations and we have a list of 1000 tunes developed and for a small fee your own tune is easily produced.

Dream Green is working with the world's largest music box suppliers Yunsheng Co.,Ltd. Musical Product Division of China to develop the mechanics.

Please allow us to introduce you to some of our proposed CauseCars™. There is now over 20 pages of CAD drawings and photos, some are for concept purposes and not necessarily those that will be in the final product. Select next at the bottom of each page to follow along.

Download and read the first children's story in the series: The Secret Life Of Toys that includes the toy cars and lots of animal fun.Any feedback is always appreciated.

Contact us to discuss your Cause and how we can work together.

Concept, engineering and images ©2009 /2010/2011 Don Green

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May 5, 2013: Dream Green, a Weirton, West Virginia company established in 1991, announced today that they are designating 10% of all w/s profits to animal shelters. Dream Green is an award winning game company who recently launched FansBands and Cause Charms, a brand of collectible fashion jewelry that includes bracelets, charms and earrings only available here and through schools and charities as a fund raiser. Their games are used in thousands of schools and homes and have been sold through popular mail order catalogs like Signals, Chinaberry, Mindware and many stores including WalMart.

After reading articles about the financial problems non-profit organizations are experiencing in this economy, they decided to help through the on-line sale of their award winning games and the increasingly popular FansBands.

If you are a non-profit organization or school, Dream Green is inviting you to contact them. Once your organization is verified, you will receive a coupon code. Notify your supporters of this code through your web site, FaceBook page, email, Twitter or other social networks . 30% of any purchase made using your coupon on their web site will be contributed to your organization. Registering on the site allows all sales to be automatically processed via Paypal.

As soon as a reasonable number of non-profit groups are signed up Dream Green will promote your organization through the media and celebrities. They will also provide you a list of all purchases using your coupon code so you can verify all sales and follow up with your supporters.

In the past Dream Green has supported numerous organizations including:

Feed The Children

Marine Toys For Tots Foundation

Kids Wish Network

Troops at the Baghdad Hobby Club

Toys in Kind

Numerous Schools

They has been very active in supporting local recycling efforts that helped their local EAA Young Eagles group finance the building of a hanger and the purchase of an aircraft that is used for introducing kids and adults to the world of aviation.

DREAM GREEN was awarded the 2003 Outstanding Toy Manufacturer Recognition of Excellence by DR. TOY. Their games have won awards from Dr. Toy, Parenting for High Potential, Games Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, The Washington Post, The Canadian Toy Testing Council, Today's Parent and the National Parenting Publications. The games have also been featured in DISCOVER, ESQUIRE, LEARNING, TEACHING pre-K - 8, FAMILY FUN and many other magazines. They are also official "Guardian Angels" of the Kids Wish Network.

During the early stages of the Iraq War, they contributed games to the Baghdad Hobby Club to help give our troops some much needed relief and entertainment. They were very proud to be awarded "Star Supporter" status at a special ceremony during the annual Hobby Town trade show.

Dream Green president Sharon Davis said that her company has had a long commitment to doing the right thing, their company philosophy states "... because it matters". Today, Cause Marketing provides over $1.5 billion annually to charities and consumers expect corporations to support societal interests. Dream Green hopes to add to that total.

About the author:
Don Green is a product designer with an education in engineering and marketing. He has been recognized with many US design awards. He is also a pilot, commercial sea captain, a certified FAA aircraft mechanic and hobby machinist. A life long learner.

Don has been involved in Non Profits since he was a toddler in South Africa as his parents were always helping arrange fund raising events and assisting with hands on care, from Children's hospitals to Aids orphanages, all non paying jobs. He spent all his teen years assisting them and also volunteered most weekends and spare time to helping in The St. Johns Association. He ended up in the US after working in Australia and seeing devastation by a huge wild fire in 1989. He came over here and volunteered with a very small organization to raise funds for their disaster relief, co-ordinated fund raising with many fortune 500 companies and the Australian embassy in Washington DC. Don and his wife Sharon have always supported as many charities as possible through their company Dream Green.








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Boat Parts

Welcome to MeriMarine custom boat parts. Select the menu options below the boat image for our boom brakes and custom made sheaves.

Contact us or order here. In the US you can order boom brakes and sheaves via Facebook by just opening an instant message to me at and by clicking on the $ symbol at the bottom of the IM window. You can also order just by sending money via Paypal to
If you order up to 3 boom brake for US shipping the cost is $50 each plus $7.50 S&H total.

Thank you
Capt. Don & Sharon


Follow the links below for more information.

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LongEz for sale, completed through chapter 18 of 24. Main wings, electronics and engine need installation:

The aircraft was being built to start a non profit 501(C)(3) organization called Aerial Conservancy to assist in anti poaching efforts in Africa. See:

Politics and corruption in Africa have made it impossible to pursue our Aerial Conservancy goals so we are selling the aircraft to fund a new non profit called Clean Oceans. see

The Long-Ez design as it is an exceptional aircraft, designed by Burt Rutan. It holds over 100 world records. This includes an endurance record of officially 4800 miles non stop and also an altitude record maintaining 35 027 feet with a normally aspirated engine. 

It carries 52 gallons in standard tanks which provides about 2000 mile range and is capable of speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour!  For more info see:

Img 0105

Img 0102

Long Ez Serial #1106 with original Rutan Aircraft Factory documentation signed by Sally Melville in 1981.


FOR SALE BY BUILDER LongEz Serial #1106 Built by A&P mechanic and machinist. All Canard Pusher updates included, drawings, plans, construction logs, invoices, photos and extensive information to complete.

Task Strake kit

Subaru 2.5 L 165 hp aircraft conversion with Ross PSRU and matched prop, has 400 hrs on it pushing a Cozy IV sold separately.

A typical aircraft kit will cost over $20 000 without engine or so much constructed.



Extended nose, titanium pitot tube, nose light, nose is already filled and sanded as is underside of aircraft. All aircraft components have been weighed during construction and are within tolerances.

All aluminum parts were alodined to spec.

Electric nose gear with Wright circuit board and switches, powder coated to match steel roll over and rudder pedals.

Linear actuator custom built with 4130 steel, narrower than Steve Wright actuator for easy installation and removal - 6 lbs total and 9 lbs with motor. Includes and installed Wright electronic circuit board for automatic activation under certain speeds. Can be completely disassembled for maintenance, includes a titanium spring, chromed lower tube and powder coated top tube.

Also includes original Brock hand crank assembly, never used.

Nose rudder pedals installed with quick adjustment feature and brass/aluminum slide tubes allowing rudder control before brakes engage.

Electric speed brake installed.


WINGS, see:

Main wing spar complete

Main wing jigs and templates included

Task strake kit with baffles

Titanium and AL rudder hidden bell horns for winglets, + complete set of drawings for winglets.

Roncz canard and elevators, filled and painted in 2 part epoxy primer, Titanium hinges


Gear mounted with 7" titanium rods that were drilled for the mounting bolts replacing the 5/8 steel tubes. This eliminates the hard landing issue that often leads to bending of the mounting bolts and loose gear

Matco triple puck brakes and Matco W51LTK main wheels

Nose mounted Matco brake cylinders installed with individual reservoirs

Parking brake and brake tubing installed.



Tinted over sized canopy opening on a gas strut mounted to canopy. Has glass reinforced rear bow eliminating need for arrow. This canopy is over 2 inches wider and taller than stock providing lots of head room particularly for GIB. All filing and sanding complete. Weight 19 lbs.

Arm rests and control systems installed with ball bearings. Control system includes titanium control sticks and firewall through linkage. Aileron & elevator trim handles installed with cables swaged on.



Subaru EJ 2.5 L 165 hp conversion has 400 hrs on a Cozy aircraft. Fuel injected, original auto computer etc. Bolt on and fly.


Wood prop

New carbon fiber low profile intake manifold for better fit and closer match to engine running at 60% power. 12lbs lighter than stock. Stock intake still included.

Custom built AL radiator for engine that flew with this engine.

Fiber glass and carbon cowlings for an O-320 engine that require minimal change to use with the Subaru engine



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G8 Timing Setups

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Clean Oceans

Clean World Project

Show Map Features:

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  • Single Use Plastic Bag Ban
  • Single Use Plastic Bottle Ban
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  • Mandatory Plastic Recycling
  • Mandatory Electronics Recycling
Add Your Local Requirements

Dream Green, will soon be registered as a 501(c)(3) US tax exempt organization.

We will make a difference. Our aim is to provide a software mapping solution that brings environmental groups, the public, communities, schools and corporations together to share information, reduce IT costs and reduce the plastic pollution everywhere.

Phase 1:

Develop a comprehensive global map (see first draft) using Open Street Maps to present environmental information. To process data from governments and organizations around the world into a coherent simple to interpret format. Eventually use machine learning tools to predict ocean and coastal debris levels and what locations should be targeted for cleanup and when. What influence legislation can have, what works best. Make the map available to all conservation groups to embed in their web sites, allowing them to still customize the top layer for their viewers but provide check box choices to view everyone's data and numerous other layers that include the data options below and others.

And finally create an experience that inspires and provides pathways to encourage people to want to get involved in a global effort to tackle one of the greatest challenges.

Some of the content will include:

  • Data to plot and quantify the plastic waste, including from photos from the public, video and images of coastlines from drones, small aircraft and possibly even satellite data.
  • Plot and list the world's environmental organizations and areas of activity, from major to grass roots. Our web globe would indicate what each organization is doing and where, list event dates and quantify what is collected under our "Who, Where, What and When" system. It will provide a means to share data and help optimize resources of volunteers and national and international organizations.
  • A means for volunteers to organize land, coastal and water way cleanups. For people to register and offer their assistance for any time period they specify. When enough volunteers accrue in a specific area for an automated notification be sent to connect them for a cleanup event.
  • For both established and informal groups to organize in specific areas by registering online and creating events so even non members of those groups might be inspired to join an event. This could even involve groups of pleasure boats, sailing vessels and fishing boats in local waters that could target specific islands or beach areas that are impossible to access via other means.
  • It will list government and local bodies who can remove the plastic collected. Hopefully this will spur new companies to form to purchase and process it.   
  • It will list solutions and uses for plastic waste.
  • We will also include local and national water current depictions and weather charts. This could help locate the plastic origins, and help identify areas that might become disaster areas following major national disasters such as Typhoons and hurricanes.
  • One will be able to select options such as view cities that have banned helium balloons, or require a deposit on all plastic bottles, at minimum a fee for one use plastic bags, recycling programs or other efforts that make a real difference.
  • We will support the creation of petitions, lobbying, using the media and other efforts to implement changes and laws that are needed to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Including promoting plastic bottle deposits that are already established in numerous places. see:
  • We will support the formation of school student groups that accept the challenge of getting over 10 million students around the world to go out and collect at least 10 lbs of plastic litter every month or as practical.
  • There will be annual awards and international recognition. We will champion new initiatives that make profound improvements.
  • The globe will indicate what organizations have accomplished and share their successes and failures to find the best methods for different situations. For example, cities have successfully banned one use plastic bags or required a small fee for them. India is building roads with plastic waste. Alaska has tremendous coastal plastic waste problem and a shortage of diesel and heating fuel in the winter in small villages. An ideal solution would be plastic to fuel converters / electrical generators. In Hawaii plastic debris washed up on the shores is burned by the local electrical utility to generate power. Building materials, carpets, children's playgrounds and countless other things are already available manufactured from plastic waste. We can do so much more.

This is how NOAA presents marine debris data:

This is how data should be presented.

We have made a substantial effort to further this project including discussions with Alaskan authorities, EPA, NOAA, US senators and others and a number of groups already involved in such research or activities. We were even offered the m/v Susitna to kick off the project in Alaska.

We have had discussions with researchers at a leading university and with  private groups regarding the development of plastic to fuel processors with byproducts of fresh drinking water and electricity.

We need a realistic global approach to begin to tackle the horrifying volume of waste entering the oceans. No one solution will suffice. We can do this together, there is no alternative and time is short.

We welcome any one who shares the passion.


Don Green

Dream Green / Clean Oceans

ocean garbage

Fishermen set out amid floating garbage off the shore of Manila Bay in the Philippines on June 8, 2013.

Photograph by Erik De Castro, Reuters For more images see here. We just launched a Facebook page to get some feed back from people like you.

Plastic: Approximately 300 million tons are produced per year using between 6 and 8% of all oil extracted. This is only going to grow. The vast majority cannot and will not be recycled. It is filling up landfills and destroying the environment at an alarming rate. The toxins from it can now be identified in every living creature. These are leading to cancers, birth defects and the global death of fish, birds and wildlife. Extensive research has clearly documented these issues. The time for study is over, we must act now. Plastic is not going away so we must find a solution to remove the waste, not to a landfill where it will last for centuries leaching toxins into ground water, but to recycle what we can and convert the rest to a useful form.

Every year natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes (typhoons) or flooding affect populous areas adding million of tons of debris to rivers and eventually the ocean. Other common debris included rope, fishing equipment, glass bottles, paper, and cloth items. It is now common to find 1 ton of plastic per mile on coastlines. - Source: wikipedia

This, on top of the ineffectual garbage collection in many countries and intentional illegal dumping around the world, is effectively destroying the ecosystems that support all life.

Europe relies on conventional incinerators to reduce waste and then ships the ash to landfills reducing the volume by 90%. It does generate energy but much value is lost and dangerous chemical compounds remain in the ash to leach into groundwater. At least 75% of all landfills tested show leaching into the ground water and all are expected to eventually. The Klemetsrud plant in Norway is now importing trash for incineration and at full capacity the plant will provide all the heat and electricity for Oslo's schools and heat for 56,000 homes. Over 300 thousand tons are incinerated annually and that does not count the materials that are extracted for recycling. "Four tonnes of waste has the same energy content as one tonne of fuel oil," says the director of the waste-to-energy agency in Oslo, Pal Mikkelsen.

Here is a report by the World Bank on typical global waste generation, however it does not account for the large quantities of industrial waste and pollution by fraudulent waste disposal companies and other illegal dumping.

The Ocean Cleanup Project started by Boyan Slat is a commendable attempt to remove plastic from the oceans. His project is receiving a lot of media attention, however his information lacks any details about what to do with the plastic. We believe that our organization and its technology focus would compliment his effort. Every effort is needed as the waste in the oceans is continuing to grow.

Because of deep sea conditions (very cold water, little oxygen, few bacteria), all of this trash will likely stick around much longer than it would do on the ground.

The Ocean Conservancy, the international leader in coastal cleanups, has collected several hundred million pounds in three decades of work and relies on volunteers to clean beaches around the world. However the scale of the problem is so big that even their effort is hardly effective.

The Two Hands Project is a collaborative approach to cleaning up the world, similar to the Ocean Conservancy is also doing great work. Everyone can do their bit, big or small.


Electronic waste is piling up around the world rapidly even after the Basel Convention regulating its export. Much of it is shipped to Africa, India and China (Guiyu in particular) where it is causing massive environmental contamination. The R2:2013 Standard for Electronics Recyclers suffers greatly from its seeming intentional avoidance of international law as it refuses to acknowledge or recognize the definitions and obligations, decisions and guidelines of the Basel Convention, which all developed countries, except the United States, have ratified and implemented and is now globally adopted by 180 countries. Read more:

Read more statistics here:

Additional video information:

Ocean plastic:

Some of the many e-waste videos on




We are now selling off all the inventory of toys, games and jewelry to raise the money for this project. Think of your purchase as a donation to the cause for a better world. If you are a sailor take a look at the sailboat parts that we make.

We are presently recruiting professionals to move this forward and are already in early talks with Westinghouse and other corporations. We also have several engineers and a number of professional candidates considering joining the team. If you think you can make a difference please contact us

Please don't forget to sign our petition to WalMart to phase out plastic bags.
Thank you.
Capt. Don Green
Founder of Dream Green

V 9/16/2015 - Information is updated frequently so come back often.

Dream Green
You can now make Paypal donations directly to Dream Green using or use the button to the left.



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